Situated in Makoni District, Manicaland province in Zimbabwe, the primary school is registered with the Ministry of Education. The name is a combination of Apostle John and Mupanguri : one of the community leaders then. With villagers' assistance - Phineas Mupanguri, Alfred Makurumidze, Clarence Shumba, elders Nyarota, Chikomwe, and Mukonyora, played a leading role in establishing the church and school. The church was set up first followed by the school early 1900. Back then, the school was administered by Priests. At that time, church leaders doubled as school teachers.

The surrounding villages of Chakuma, Gurure, and Toriro were operating as lower primary schools i.e up to standard 3. In 1964, St Johns Mupanguri was now teaching Standard 4 and by 1966, the school had established Standard 6. This progression would see students from surrounding villages of Chakuma, Gurure, and Toriro moving to St Johns Mupanguri School for further education beyond standard 3.

James Rutsodzo, Edgar Dzuda, Pedzisai Mapako, and Blessed Chitura are some of the teachers who would later become Headmasters at the school. Currently, the school has 605 students

School Development Committee